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Top 10 Favorite Hygge Essentials

Let me just make this disclaimer right off the hop. Hygge is not something you can purchase.

And while I know that statement seems very contradictory to what the title of this post implies, let's just be honest here. While Hygge cannot be purchased, there are purchasable items that can definitely contribute to heightening your Hygge experience.

Hygge expression

Hygge you see, as an experience, is expressed uniquely by every individual. What you deem to be your perfect Hygge experience may differ greatly from my own expression of Hygge. And that is how it should be. That being said, if you're new to the concept of Hygge, and looking for a few ideas to get your own mojo going, here is a list of my top 10 favorite Hygge essentials.

Favorite Hygge Essentials

1. A cozy throw.

This is first and foremost on my list of Hygge essentials. And let me just say, while any blanket adds a touch of cozy Hygge ambiance, there is something so lovely about curling up under a luxuriously soft, faux fur blanket, especially on a cool, dreary day. If you're looking to invest in one item, choose this one!

Reading socks

2. Cozy slippers or reading socks.

Y'all, I'm pretty much barefoot all year round, but, there are days, especially cold fall and winter days, that I absolutely love a pair of cozy socks or slippers. And, I have to be honest, for a "barefoot warrior" I do own my fair share of them. Honestly, if I'm really looking to bask in Hygge pleasure, a pair of comfy socks is a requirement for me.

Hot-water bottle

3. Hot-water bottle.

Look. Get a hot-water bottle. It's not an item one would typically think of when acquiring Hygge essentials but let me tell you, it is such a treat to snuggle under a heavy throw with the added comforting heat from a hot-water bottle. I'd strongly urge you to find one with cozy sweater though. They are so much nicer for cuddling!

4. Cozy cardigan.

While any soft, snuggly sweater will do, I personally prefer a cardigan that I can easily slip off if I end up feeling a little too warm. If I have to choose, I'd much rather a throw than a sweater for my Hygge comfort.


5. Candle-light.

I know. It's been said a million times. The thing is though, it's simply a necessity. Candle light just adds so much tranquility to a Hygge space. While any candle will work, I personally tend to stick to white or cream colored, unscented candles. White or cream looks so soft and pretty in any space, and I like unscented because of #6.

6. Diffuser with cozy scents.

I love using essential oils in my diffuser. My all time favorite scent is Thieves. It's warm, spicy smell is so comforting! Did you know that the sense of smell is closely tied to memory? What could be more Hygge than that?

Rae Dunn Mug

7. Favorite mug.

For me, the mug I drink from is super important. It needs to look pretty but more importantly, it needs to feel good in my hand AND have a good lip!

Lindt Chocolate

8. Chocolate.

I mean, it's chocolate. It doesn't need an explanation......My favorite is Lindt!

9. Favorite book.

Just imagine curling up in your favorite chair with all of these previously listed favorites, and reading a fabulous book! Can you picture yourself there? Wrapped in a luxurious throw, wearing cozy reading socks and a comfy cardi; a comforting hot-water bottle snuggled in your lap; sipping something hot from your favorite mug while you indulge in delicious chocolate; flickering candle-light and the rich scent of Thieves permeates the air and you have nothing to do but sink into the pages of a novel....... This picture right here is the epitome of Hygge. The only other thing I'd add is;

10. Music.

Something soft and quiet; likely something Sinatra or Bing Crosby, or possibly just classical, so as not to distract from the book I'm reading.

This, for me, is the perfect picture of Hygge experience. May you be inspired to invest a few Hygge essentials in your own life!

Happy Hygge!

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