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Creating A Summer Hygge Sanctuary In Your Backyard-Ideas To Inspire

There really is nothing like the glorious, lazy days of summer that inspire us to enjoy the outdoors. Relaxing beach days basking in the sun; enjoying leisurely walks through extravagant, city gardens; sipping iced coffees on an outdoor patio at a favorite restaurant....... These are all wonderful ways to embrace summer hygge.

But my favorite way to enjoy hygge during the summer is by taking advantage of my own backyard. I love creating cozy spaces where my family and friends can sit and visit under the warm, summer sun. We eat outside every evening that the weather co-operates, and you'll often find us snuggled under a blanket in front of our outdoor fireplace, long past dusk. The summer is relatively short here in the small Alberta town where I live, so it's extremely important to me, to make the most of every moment during the season.

Regardless of it's size, any backyard can be transformed into a lovely, hygge sanctuary. By investing a little time, money, and ingenuity, anyone can design a cozy, inviting atmosphere that will keep you basking in summer hygge throughout the season.

Summer Hygge Backyard Santcuary

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1. Create a cozy front porch.

Okay, this isn't exactly a backyard, but if you have a front porch on your home, take advantage of it. Incorporate a couple of rocking chairs with colorful cushions to wile away the early evenings. Painting your front door a bright, bold color will instantly add a pop of cheer to the space. Simple, lush greenery adds an easy, hygge freshness to finish off the space.

2. Purchase a Bistro table.

It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. (Of course, it could, if you'd like it to be!) Add a pretty potted plant and an enclosed candle, and you have the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee!

3. Build or buy a backyard bar. (That's a lot of "b's"!)

Having a place to store and serve snacks and drinks, adds to entertaining ease and enjoyment. Plus, they look so pretty when they're decorated with practical items!

4. Set up a cheerful lounge area.

Nothing says summer living like an outdoor sitting space!

5. Consider investing in a backyard fireplace.

We spend more time around our outdoor fireplace in the evenings, than we do anywhere else. It's the perfect place for telling stories, or relaying our day to each other. It's one of my favorite summer hygge activities!

6. Splurge on a showstopper piece.

This Butterfly Bench, or something similar, will add a touch of practical whimsy to your backyard.

7. Flowers, flowers and more flowers, add instant summer hygge.

Especially flowers in a unique container. This wooden wheelbarrow, a vintage galvanized bucket, or even an old crate make stunning containers for summer flowers.

8. Purchase an outdoor daybed.

If you're really looking for the wow factor, investing in a gorgeous daybed will add a huge hygge impact in your backyard. I could spend all day here! Napping, reading, sipping a glass of ice cold lemonade......

9. Have a picnic.

Yes! Right in your backyard! Invite some friends over, lay out a blanket and use a pretty basket. Pour some wine and nibble on a delicious charcuterie spread. Hygge heaven!

10. Hang a Hammock.

Or two, or three........ instant lazy, summer hygge. Bliss!

11. Better yet, hang a porch swing!

Whether it's on the front porch or the back, a porch swing is a beautiful way to incorporate summer hygge into your outdoor living space this summer!

There's no better time than summer to enjoy outside hygge. Create a space that you and your family and friends, can enjoy all summer long, right in your own backyard!

Happy hyggeing!

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