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Embracing A Heritage Of Hygge

Over the past few years, the Danish tradition of Hygge has slowly wrapped it's contented embrace around our North American culture. This, formerly unknown to us, interpretation of the concept of relishing the every day moments that the Danes have affectionately practiced for so long, is recently becoming more and more prevalent in our households. It seems that so many of us desire to adopt this heritage of Hygge into our homes and our lives.

Embracing A Heritage Of Hygge

Is it any wonder, though? We, here in North America, are a culture caught up in busyness. We have filled our lives to the utmost brim. We live in a land of opportunity and thus, we have taken advantage of every one. In addition to our heavy work day, we are pressed with further, extensive engagements and responsibilities, running from one pledge to another. Pressed between all of our meetings, commitments, and extra curricular activities, many of us have filled almost every waking moment with busyness. We are caught in a vise of ambition. We loathe it, and yet we cannot seem to escape it.

It is not surprising then, that so many of us are grasping for the tender comforts of Hygge. Hygge, in it's beautiful simplicity, evokes in us a desire to slow down; to pull away from the clutches of busyness, and to slip into an atmosphere of restful content. And, it is how it should be. This is where we unwind; where we recover; where we recuperate. It is where we reconnect with our loved ones and with our Creator. In this gentle enfolding of Hygge, we are able to restore our emptied vessels, and allow them to be filled with a peace that rejuvenates our souls. Humanity, you see, was never meant to merely survive. We were meant to thrive.

Use tulips to create Hygge atmosphere

I believe that on some level, each of us desires this Hygge lifestyle of simplicity. While we may spend our days running to and fro, the vast majority of us long to live a contented life, embracing and finding joy, in life's simple pleasures.

While we cannot rid ourselves of our jobs, and while many of our commitments and responsibilities are absolutely deserving of our time and effort, our bodies, our souls, truly do need moments of Hygge. It is so important that we scheduled some time to relish the simple moments. Yes, schedule. While I believe that Hygge is an attitude of being truly present in each moment you are in, I also believe that Hygge should be embraced intentionally. This kind of intentional living is extremely beneficial, vital even, to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In a time where busyness has the ability to wreak havoc in our lives and in our families, the Danes' everyday practice of Hygge, is slowly moving amongst our midst, enticing us to pull back, to take time, and to revel in simplicity. More and more of us are surrendering to it's glorious purity and finding ourselves coming alive to it's authentic nature. I for one, could not be more grateful.

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