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Summer Outdoor Living Space, Hygge Style

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There is a special kind of contented joy that seems to expand within our souls, once the sum mer months begin to unfold before us. As the temperatures grow warmer, we long to spend every moment that we are able, outdoors in the glorious sunshine. At least, that's how it is for this Canadian girl. Winter is long and harsh here in Northern Alberta, and while I firmly believe that Embracing A Heritage of Hygge does allow for Celebration In The Midst Of Winter's Brace, summer brings with it a gleaming sense of enthusiasm, and an appreciation for a more relaxed, hygge style. And while I love my cozy, hygge home in every season, my favorite place to be during the summer season, is on my back deck.

summer outdoor living space, hygge style

My sense of "cozy deck style" seems to vary a bit from summer to summer, and while I always love my outdoor space, this year, I'm particularly pleased with how it came together.

outdoor summer hygge living space

This is my favorite area on our back deck.

Last summer we had our dining table in this spot. But this year, I really wanted to have a cozy lounge area underneath the covered part of our deck, so that we would be able to sit out here and enjoy the days and evenings, even in the rain.

outdoor summer hygge living space

The added benefit of switching the dining and seating areas is that, I am able to leave the cushions and throws out all summer long. I'm not one to remember to put away the seating each evening so the protection from the covered area keeps things fairly dry.

Cozy, hygge deck decor

Plus, it just makes me so happy to come out here whenever the mood strikes me, (which is pretty much every half hour) and see this cozy space ready and so inviting.

summer deck, hygge style

Besides the throw pillows and blankets, I've kept the decor fairly minimal. I have a simple votive candle holder on the glass coffee table, and while it isn't overly spectacular, it sure looks beautiful when all 12 of those candles are lit in the evening. There's also space underneath the glass to house magazines so that we can sit and flip through them at our convenience. I love the practical simplicity of this area.

white painted stumps as side tables, hygge decor

My favorite element though, is this set of painted stumps I use as side tables. I've used these same stumps on my deck for the past three years now but, this was the first year I painted them white. {Click here to last year's hygge style deck.} I was a titch nervous to paint them out but, I'm absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. They add such a fresh, easy look to the overall style of my deck. The greenery in the white planter looks so soft and pretty against the whitewashed stumps.

You can see in this picture above, that I've painted a second set in the far seating area. The two sets lend a cohesive look to our outdoor living space that I just really love.

outdoor dining area, hygge style

And, I also painted out the bench we use at our dining table.

summer hygge deck

Those few pops of white amalgamate the entire appearance of the deck in a cohesive, unified look.

While I personally lean toward "textured and green" for plants,

summer hygge, outdoor living space

my family believes no outdoor, summer living space would be complete without an assortment of flowers.

They might be right......

At any rate, this is where I'll be spending the vast majority of my leisure time this glorious summer. If you happen to live in my neck of the woods, come on by. I'd love to share my outdoor, hygge living space with you!

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