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Spring Décor - Five Essentials For Cultivating Your Perfect Space

The most beautiful thing about the spring season is the hope that surges new and fresh alongside it. Try as it might, the quiet solitude of winter simply cannot hold back the vibrancy and tenacity of spring. Without fail, the darkness gives way to light, and as it does, the sunshine ignites within us the desire to fling open the doors and windows of, not just our homes, but of our hearts as well.

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As I shared in a previous post, Hygge – Heart & Home,

“While Hygge is first and foremost, an attitude of contented well being, it is expressed physically in the atmosphere we strive to establish, especially within our homes. Much like simplicity, hygge is an inward reality that results in an outward lifestyle.”

Simple Spring Décor

Simply put, our desires to create a welcoming atmosphere in our homes is a physical expression of what’s in our hearts. As our hearts begin to embrace the freshness of spring, so too, should our living spaces.

With the flinging open of the “doors and windows” comes the urge to freshen and brighten our homes atmosphere and it is so lovely to replace the richness of winter layers with the freshness of spring simplicity. There is such joy in transforming our homes atmosphere.

Simple Spring Décor

And here’s the thing; it doesn’t require purchasing a bunch of tchotchkes that may just end up making your home feel cluttered and stuffy rather than light and fresh like you’re striving for. I really believe that considering these five essentials as you evaluate your living space and get creative with the items you already have, you can save a ton of money and, your spring décor might just supersede your greatest expectations.

Five Essentials For Cultivating Your Perfect Spring Décor

1. Paring back

2. Colour

3. Live plants

4. Texture

5. Smell

Spring Décor - Five Essentials

1. Pare back your décor.

Start with a clean slate. Remove all your winter décor items. Pack them away so that they are not a distraction for you. Gather all of the décor items from around your home that you might possibly want to use in your spring décor and place them together into one convenient location. (I like to use my dining table.) Consider everything as potential décor; things like throws, cushions, books, candles, bowls, vases, decorative boxes, mirrors, picture frames lamps; you get the idea! This allows you to see at a glance, what you already have for décor items (which will come into play once you’re ready to re-introduce them back into your living spaces) but it also allows you to really see the bones of your home.

Simple Spring Décor

This is an excellent way to assess your furniture placement. Does it work for the fresh, non-stuffy atmosphere that you are longing to cultivate? Sometimes a simple rearrangement of your furniture can make a huge impact on how you feel in your living spaces.

2. Colour.

Never underestimate the power of colour in your home. Now that you’ve got your room/s pared back and possibly re-arranged to your satisfaction, consider introducing a fresh ambiance to your home with colour. A coat of paint in a fresh, new colour, perhaps even just a feature wall, will instantaneously transform your home. If you’re really feeling like you want something spectacular, you could choose a fabulous wallpaper to feature a wall, and in doing so, add colour and texture. (More about texture in essential number four!)

Simple Spring Décor

If a big, bold change is not your jam, understand that colour is still an important consideration. As you begin redistributing your décor items throughout your home, using the accessories that speak freshness to you will go a long way to fulfilling your spring décor vision. This is the time to get creative. Try grouping items that you haven’t displayed together before. Try them in different areas of your home. One of my favorite ways to change things up in my home is to simply change out their location. (I do this with my furniture, too!)

Simple Spring Décor

And if you have them, think about using whites and creams and soft, natural colors in the majority of your décor. They provide a beautiful base for your favorite pops of colour. Spring is wild with colour so there are no wrong choices; choose what you love best! But please, bring green into your home. There is no colour more spring-like, than green……

3. Especially plants.

Nothing speaks spring like real, living plants. Plants are really the absolute perfect way to add a pop of spring-like freshness and life to any room. But if you struggle to keep real plants alive, faux plants are also a fabulous choice. I personally like to use a little of both in my home. Faux plants are perfect for adding “life” to an area of your home that doesn’t get much natural sunlight.

Simple Spring Décor

4. Texture.

When considering your spring décor, don’t neglect the big impact texture can add to your home. You don’t have to have bold colour or bold art pieces to make a statement.

Simple Spring Décor

Sometimes, the simple addition of a tone on tone texture is the best way to add a touch of fresh, spring atmosphere. Things like macramé plant holders and textured, neutral wall art are a simple way to add texture and pizzaz to your spring décor.

5. Scents.

It’s been said that of the five senses, the sense of smell is most tied to memory. It is understandable then that the scents you use in your home should reflect the atmosphere you are looking to create.

Simple Spring Décor

Try switching out your rich, winter candle scents for softer, airy fragrances. (Choose a colour that compliments your décor items.) Or. consider using your diffuser to emit gentler, fresh smelling oils that speak spring to you. It’s a small touch, but it makes such a huge impact in your home.

And here is one more essential that you really should consider; your home should reflect and serve the people who live there. Don’t get caught up trying re-create someone else’s idea of perfect spring décor if it doesn’t suit your style or the way you live. The perfect home, in any season, is the home that is best suited to the people that live there.

Australian Shepherd Spring Décor

I’d so love to hear in the comments, if these essentials inspired you! Even better, f you have another essential that you think should be added to these, please share! We’re all about encouraging and inspiring one another here!

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