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God Says "Be Holy As I Am Holy." - But How?

I used to think that holiness was something akin to perfection.

I mean, God tells us in 1 Peter 1:16 to “Be holy, as I am holy.”

By those standards, I’ll never be holy. I’m so far from perfection. As far as that goes, I’m so far away from even being good. There is no way that I could ever attain holiness as God is holy.

But then,

God knows everything about me;

all of my flaws,

all of my imperfections,

all of my weaknesses and bitterness and laziness and anger issues;

He knows that I don’t pray enough or read my Bible enough.

He sees all of my sin and my shame, and yet He still tells me to be holy as He is holy.

God says, "Be holy as I am holy." But how do we do that?
Be Holy As I Am Holy

So, if God knows everything about me, and still asks me to be holy,

perhaps holiness isn’t about perfection at all;

at least, not this side of heaven.

Be Holy As I Am Holy

Maybe holiness isn’t so much about doing everything right.

And maybe it isn’t about a specific time allotment for prayer and Bible study.

Maybe holiness isn’t about always saying the right things at the right time.

And maybe there’s more to holiness than always keeping your path straight and your mind pure and your faith strong.

Maybe holiness is about realizing your shortcomings and still striving to do the right thing.

Maybe holiness is putting aside your anger when you’ve been wrongfully accused.

Maybe holiness looks like crying out to God when you've failed once again, to bite your tongue when your children have completely undone in five minutes, the clean house you spent five hours on.

Maybe holiness looks like standing at the kitchen sink at 9:30 at night because the baby has finally stopped crying and fallen asleep and those dirty dishes aren’t going to wash themselves.

Maybe holiness is when you put others' thoughts and feelings ahead of your own, even when you feel like you're breaking inside.

Maybe holiness is recommitting yourself to Jesus, and striving to take up your cross to follow Him every single morning, even though you keep messing up.

Maybe holiness is simply hanging onto Jesus with both hands, as tight as you can, when your world is falling apart around you.

Or maybe holiness is actually Jesus holding onto you because you simply don’t have the strength to hang on anymore.

Maybe holiness isn’t about perfection at all.

And maybe it isn’t even about you.

I’ll tell you what;

It isn’t about you.

And it isn’t about me.

Holiness is about Jesus.

It’s about what He’s done, and what He continues to do for you.

So, if you love Jesus;

If you’re striving to love Him even better than you already do;

If you’re striving to turn from sin even though you mess up time and time again;

If you have a repentant heart;

Trust Jesus to do what He does best, Beloved.

You do your dishes, and He’ll make you holy in the process.

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Jesus Will Make You Holy
Jesus Will Make You Holy

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