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8 Soft & White Fall Décor Ideas - Hygge Style

Traditional Fall décor lends itself to the beautiful, rich hues of burnt orange, chocolate browns and rustic reds. And while I do love the warmth and nostalgia of classic Autumn décor, this year I'm leaning into a softer palette using whites and neutrals, for a fresh, bright and white Fall décor scheme.

What is the best Hygge season?

For me, Autumn is the perfect hygge season. As the days begin to shorten and the temperatures start to drop, I am drawn more and more to the cozy, welcoming embrace of my hygge home. I live just outside of the arctic circle way up in the Northwest Territories in Canada, and let me tell you, it gets cold and dark here very quickly. Because the darkness sets in so deeply, I really want to keep my home as bright and cheery as possible. This year I have decided to decorate my home for Fall with whites and neutrals for a natural and bright ambiance.

soft & white fall décor

Can you decorate for Fall with white?

Absolutely! Fall décor isn't really about a specific color scheme. It is about embracing a new season with a fresh take on your décor design. White is the perfect backdrop for tiny pops of color, whether bold and striking or soft and subtle. But it's also beautiful all on it's own.

Use texture and layers for a truly hygge Fall décor display.

To keep your white Autumn décor from feeling "flat", incorporate texture and layers to add depth and interest. Blankets, trays, books, (in white and neutral colors) and glass and wire cloches are beautiful additions to a soft and cozy Fall display. And for a really hygge touch, a sheepskin will elevate an Autumn vignette to the next level!

Fall décor on a budget.

As I mentioned, I live just outside the arctic circle, in a tiny, fly-in/fly-out community. Besides two small grocery stores and a bare-bones hardware store, there are no places to shop here. So, I approached my Fall decorating with a "use what you have" mentality. I quite liked the challenge and to be perfectly honest, I liked the fact that I didn't have to spend a dime! It's quite surprising what you can come up with when you're forced to use items you already have.

I played around with my coffee table and while I really loved each of these different Autumn displays, the one I settled on just ticked all the boxes for me. It's soft and cozy, light and bright, and so very hygge!

I hope these ideas will inspire you with your own Fall décor!

8 White Fall Décor Ideas For Your Coffee Table

1. Use a metal tray to contain décor items for a cohesive look.

white pumpkins and candles on a metal tray

2. Or use a throw for a more relaxed display.

fall coffee table décor

3. Keep it fresh and airy.

A pop of green instantly adds a fresh feeling to any display. Plants, whether real or faux, are a beautiful addition to any seasonal décor.

soft and white fall coffee table décor

white fall coffee table décor - hygge style

4. Use vintage books for a nostalgic feel.

Or, remove book jackets and simply display the natural, raw hard covers.

hygge fall coffee table décor

5. Use a Sheepskin for the ultimate Hygge Fall décor display.

I love a sheepskin! There's really nothing more hygge for me. And while they come in many different colors, white adds a beautiful and soft feel for a bright, white display.

sheepskin on a coffee table - hygge fall decor

6. Layer it up.

Layers add such wonderful interest in hygge décor. Think about using layers on top of layers. Any of the different combinations from the above pictures would be absolutely gorgeous layered on top the tray and the sheepskin.

layered fall hygge décor

7. Repurpose seasonal décor from other seasons.

I absolutely love the soft green and subtle look of this spring wreath, and I wanted to try and incorporate it into my Fall display. I wasn't planning on keeping it up on my vintage window pane because alone, it really did feel out of place for this season. But mixed in with the white pumpkins and dried gourds, it looks absolutely beautiful and very appropriate for an Autumn vignette.

fall coffee table décor with white pumpkins

8. Use white candles.

I know. Using candles is not really a new idea for Fall décor. But if you're opting for a white color scheme, choose a white candle. Cream or off white will work, too. I personally love the look of different whites mixed together.

hygge fall décor with sheepskin

In the end, this last picture is what I chose to keep on my coffee table this year. I love the soft color palette and the hygge texture of the sheepskin. I pulled the the wire cloche out of my garden and it added a little height to the display without feeling overcrowded.

white fall coffee table décor - hygge sheepskin

I hope these 8 white fall décor ideas have inspired you to get creative in your own home this year. Fall décor does not have to be limited to the traditional reds and oranges typically associated with the Autumn season. For a fresh take on Fall décor, white and natural colored elements lend themselves perfectly to a bright, yet soft display that will keep you feeling cozy and hygge throughout the season.

soft and white fall décor - hygge style

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Love Melinda


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