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10 Fresh Ideas To Carry Hygge Into Spring

Updated: Mar 2

Can you hear it? Spring is on it's way! The steady "drip, drip, drip" of snow melt from the eaves on my house is music to my ears! The sun is full of warmth, and the thick, blanket of snow is yielding to it's glory. Winter has been long, indeed, but spring is just on the horizon!

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind

Spring hygge, 10 fresh ideas

As I bear witness to winter's habitual retreat, I find myself wondering if I should abandon the glorious Hygge atmosphere I've nurtured within my home. While I've savored hibernating within Hygge's cozy embrace throughout the long winter months, as spring continues it's tenacious entrance, I find myself longing for a fresh ambiance in my surroundings. And yet, I am loathe to let go of the cozy feeling Hygge portrays. And the thing is, while it's warm, cozy atmosphere is an integral part of my soul thriving during the long, cold winter months, I've decided that Hygge's simple, comforting attributes can, and should be continued through spring as well. (And through summer and autumn!) As I stated in my post, Embracing A Heritage Of Hygge,

"Hygge, in it's beautiful simplicity, evokes in us a desire to slow down; to pull away from the clutches of busyness, and to slip into an atmosphere of restful content. And, it is how it should be. This is where we unwind; where we recover; where we recuperate. It is where we reconnect with our loved ones and with our Creator. In this gentle enfolding of Hygge, we are able to restore our emptied vessels, and allow them to be filled with a peace that rejuvenates our souls. Humanity, you see, was never meant to merely survive. We were meant to thrive."

I firmly believe this simple, restful attitude should be embraced in each and every season of our lives.

But, unlike the slow, somnolence that settles over us during the quietness of winter, spring brings with it an awakening of our senses; a desire for new life and new hope.

With that thought in mind, I've set out to transition my Hygge home from winter into spring. Here are 10 of my favorite thoughts.

1. Open the windows.

Allow the sounds of dripping water and chirping birds to penetrate the lingering quietness of winter. Nature's beautiful music mingled with the smell of spring's fresh breeze, is a glorious indulgence of the senses.

2. Give your home a thorough spring clean.

Ridding your house of winter's accumulated dirt and grime will assist you as you strive to bring spring Hygge into your home.

Spring hygge, Bedding

3. Switch out your bedding.

Change your cozy flannels for crisp, white cotton sheets. Replace your rich, heavy comforter with something light and bright. This simple change will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bedroom.

4. Change up your curtains.

Swapping out dark, heavy curtains for light, breezy panels will transform your living area into a breezy, spring-like dwelling place.

Add plants to create spring Hygge

5. Continue to bring the outdoors in.

Adding in living plants adds a touch of life and a pop of freshness. They brighten up cheerless areas with their simple, natural beauty.

6. Try paring back the tchotchkes in your home and instead,

Glass jars of lemons and limes add a touch of spring Hygge

7. Accentuate your home with bright, natural elements.

A simple vase of tulips, or a bowl of lemons and/or limes will add a pop of cheery, Hygge color.

Minimal Hygge Living Room

8. Pack away excess throws and cushions keeping your seating area luxuriously simple.

Patio living, spring hygge

9. Bring the inside, outside.

A pretty seating area on a deck, a patio, or even on your lawn, will extend your spring and summer Hygge living space.

Keep a candle burning by a sink of dirty dishes, spring hygge

10. Keep the candles.

Always, candles.

Yes, spring is most definitely upon us. Embrace it with an attitude of joyous expectation, and as always, keep it Hygge!

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