How To Bring Hygge Style Into Your Home

Since my recent discovery of the concept of Hygge, I have endeavored to more effectively, incorporate it's warm, inviting style into my home. As stated in my article,

Hygge-Celebration In The Midst Of Winter's Brace,

"While hygge is first and foremost, an attitude of well being, it is also an atmosphere. While one cannot create attitude, (it can however, be practiced) we can create an atmosphere that allows each of us to more easily, be present [and thereby, more able to embrace that attitude]."

So, rather than bemoan the harshness of winter, which I usually seem to do at this time of year, I have decided to instead, embrace winter with an attitude of celebration.

“Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Happiness consists more in small conveniences or pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom.”

This has been my endeavor this past week; to create that kind of atmosphere in my home;

to recognize and relish, the small conveniences and pleasures

that I have previously taken for granted.

My hope is that, as you move through this pictorial tour of my home, you will find inspiration that might allow you to create an atmosphere of Hygge in your own home.

If you've yet to grab a cuppa coffee, brew one now, so that you can scroll through these pics at your leisure. (And if you have a candle nearby, light it! While Hygge seems to be open to interpretation, in my opinion, the one universal essential, is candles!)

How To Bring Hygge Into Your Home

Welcome to my home! As you walk through my front door, this will be your initial view.

Hygge Living Room

You can take your boots off and simply leave them on the mat. Hang your coat in the closet and,

Hygge front entry

make your way to the couch, closest to the fire, and curl up under this luxurious throw.

luxurious throw blanket

(Get the look.)

Feel free to close the book and slip it into the tray on the coffee table.

Catch-all coffee table tray

Sit and relax while I pour you a cuppa coffee, or, if you're so inclined,

I'd love to whip you up a gourmet hot cocoa from my hot coffee/cocoa bar.

Hot Cocoa Bar

As we visit, we can listen to a little music. You'll likely find one of two genres in my home, worship, or Sinatra. (Yes, Sinatra, is his own genre!)

We'll sit together near the fire, and chat together as friends. New or old,

my hope is that you do realize that my heart loves to connect with like-minded souls!

Now, let me divulge to you how I have created this Hygge atmosphere in my home.

Hygge fireplace

My living room is my favorite area in my house.

I love it's cozy atmosphere.

Brick fireplace

While working toward creating an atmosphere of Hygge in my home,

I chose to incorporate a lot of layers.

Gallery wall

Elk antlers

It might seem a little strange to hang a scarf with battery operated snowball lights from a set of elk antlers, but I simply love the homey, cozy ambiance it lends.

Cozy scarf and battery lights

My coffee table is almost always laden with a selection of books, tissue, reading glasses and pens, so I chose to corral them all on a tray.

I stacked a vintage, wire swimming basket,

an old, glass battery container with a candle inside,

and integrated a few birds from my collection, to add in an element of beauty.

decorative birds in a tray

Layering everyday items on one tray makes even the ordinary, extraordinary.

layered tray

Get the look.

My fireplace mantle blends a simple layering of old and new.

Valentine mantle

Even my vintage mirror seems layered with the couch and dining table viewed in it's reflection.

I love this so much!