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How To Build A Better Shoe Box - 50 Things To Pack For Operation Christmas Child

How To Build a Better Shoe Box

For those of you who aren't sure what packing an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box is all about, Here's a quick video that explains the process and the purpose, of packing a shoe box through Samaritan's Purse. I f you've never packed a shoe box before, I implore you to watch this video, and then pack a shoe box! The impact you'll have on a child is greater than you could imagine!

If you've never packed a shoe box before, or even if you have, the prospect of choosing just the right quality items can sometimes be a little bit daunting. I've a packed many a shoe box over the years, but I still seem to get just a little anxious each time I start shopping for my box. This year though, I've scoured the web for the best tips and advice on how to build a better shoe box. I've watched a dozen or more videos and read quite a few posts, and I think I've got the perfect go to list for the perfect OCC shoe box!

Hopefully you'll find this list just as helpful as you prepare to pack your own Operation Christmas Child Shoe box!

How To Build A Better Shoe Box

1. Consider using a good quality plastic container the size of a regular shoe box. A plastic container can continue to be used by a child, long after a cardboard box falls apart. And through my research on building better shoe boxes, I've heard multiple times, that while many of us may be tempted to pack larger than normal size shoe boxes with the intention of "blessing the socks off a child", it can make other children around them feel like they are not quite as special. Keep you shoe boxes standard size. If you pack carefully, you can squeeze a whole lot of great stuff in a standard sized shoe box!

2. Don't limit stuffed animals to just the younger children. I read one woman's account of distributing shoe boxes in Grenada, and while there, she asked one of the older boys what his favorite shoe box item was. She was very surprised when he held up a blue striped teddy bear. Boys aged 10 - 14 could very likely appreciate a soft, cuddly toy just as much as a younger child. And I have to admit, with all of the OCC videos I've watched, every single child who pulls out a plush toy immediately snuggles it tightly to their chest. From now on, ALL of my shoe boxes will include a soft, cuddly stuffed toy!

3. Girls are girls, no matter where they live, and girls like girly things. Pretty bracelets, scarves, barrettes, etc. will bring much joy to any girl receiving a Christmas shoe box. Pack good quality, age appropriate costume jewelry in your girls' boxes!

4. Pack something super special that will stand out! A soccer ball with pump, a larger cuddly, stuffed toy, or a big toy car will make the child receiving your box feel absolutely overjoyed! While it's important to pack school supplies and practical items like tooth brushes and bar soap, don't forget to include something really fun! ALL kids like toys!

5. Purchase quality items. I know that shopping dollar stores can mean packing more items or more shoe boxes even, but please know, dollar store item quality is often far less superior. How tragic it would be for a child to receive a beautiful shoe box filled with breath taking treasures only to have them fall apart in just a few days time. While there are many items that I do purchase from dollar stores like paper supplies, name brand pens, pencils and coloring pencils, even books and some better quality toys, I do find that many of their toys are just really cheaply made. Purchase good quality items for your child's shoe box that will last!

6. Trust you gut. If you're feeling led to pack something that seems a little out of the ordinary, do it! I've never before packed a soccer ball in a shoe box, but last year, my 15 year old daughter was ADAMANT that we pack one for our 10 - 14 year old boy. I actually tried to sway her choice telling her we'd be able to pack more into the box if we nixed the soccer ball, but she was determined. And you know? I'm glad she was so insistent. Somehow, I just KNOW that the boy who received that soccer ball from my daughter got the gift of a lifetime!

7. Include a picture of yourself/your family. The child receiving your box will know that a real live family loved them enough to send them a Christmas gift. That in itself will speak volumes to a child.


Still need a little help deciding what pack in your child's shoe box?

Here's a list of 50 quality items that you can purchase to build a better shoe box!

50 quality items to pack in a shoe box

1. Facecloth

2. bar soap

3. Tooth brush

4. Brush/comb

5. Barettes/hair bands/pony tails

6. Flip-flops

7. Under wear

8. Pens and pencils

9. Markers/pencil crayons/crayons

10. Coloring book

11. Note pad

12. Pencil sharpeners

13. Pencil case

14. Doll

15. Hot Wheels

16. Soccer ball with pump

17. Yo-Yo

18. Small rubber ball

19. Harmonica

20. Kazoo

21. Hacky Sack

22. Skipping Rope

23. Small Lego packs

24. Slinky

25. Whistle

26. Calculater

27. Measuring tape

28. Small Hammer with nails

29. Colored Duct tape

30. Screw Driver with screws

31. Small sewing kit

32. Jewelry

33. Flashlight/extra batteries

34. Sunglasses

35. My Little Pony with accessories

36. Puppets

37. Small purse

38. Flyer airplanes

39. Stickers

40. Plastic water bottle

41. T-shirt

42. Plastic animal figurines

43. String Backpacks

44. Stuffed animal

45. Finger puppets

46. Barrel of Monkeys

47. Hat

48. Rubik's Cube

49. Compass

50. Miniature Checker game


Do you have any other items that you just love to pack in your shoe box? Add them in the comments below! I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for more, great items to pack!

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