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Summer 10x10 Challenge

Summer 10x10 Challenge

Since taking part in my 6 Fast in 2016,

where I purchased only 6 clothing items,

(and 6 decorative household items) for the entire year,

the way I approach my wardrobe is completely changing.

I'm constantly looking for ways to love it more.

Because you guys?

I DO NOT love my wardrobe.

I have a few pieces in there that I love,

but, as a whole, it's pretty disappointing.

It is a very un-cohesive closet.

I'd also like to downsize it.

I don't have a ton of clothing,

but, I have more than enough.

Especially considering that I don't really wear half of it.

More than anything though,

I'd like a wardrobe that is as sustainable and ethical as possible.

If I learned anything during my 6 Fast,

it was that, many of the items in my closet

have been produced in extremely hazardous conditions.

I discovered that, inadvertently,

I was contributing to the in-humane conditions in the sweat-shops

where the makers of my clothing are employed.

This is no longer an option for me.

I simply CANNOT wear clothing that has been paid for, by the blood of others.

Want to know what I'm talking about?

Let me just say this.

It has not been easy setting up a minimal,

ethically and sustainably made wardrobe that I love.

But, I have made some progress.

I'm slowly purging items that just sit in my closet.

I've taken some pieces that I love,

but that just don't fit quite right, to be altered.

And, I'm learning to shop wisely.

I still have a long way to go, to loving my closet,

but, I feel like I'm on the right track.

I am constantly looking for ways to get creative with my clothing.

Enter, the Summer 10x10 Challenge.

Basically what the challenge consists of is,

choosing 10 items of clothing, and creating 10 different outfits over 10 consecutive days.

There's not much to it.

Except there is.

For me, anyhow.

As I mentioned, I don't really have a very cohesive wardrobe,

so finding 10 different items that will pair well with each other has proven a little difficult.

It's just hard.

But, no matter.

I'm committed.

I'm doing it.

Here's why.

Taking part in this 10x10 challenge

will really make me think about the clothing pieces I choose.

As I've been working on putting together a cohesive look,

I'm having to get creative with the things I own.

And, as I try putting pieces together, I'm really wishing I had a particular item that would pair well with multiple items.

While I won't be purchasing any items for this particular challenge,

I'm already thinking of investing in a few items that would transition well into different outfits.

The other element I'm adding into this challenge is,

all of the pieces I'm choosing are sustainably and/or ethically purchased.

All but three of my pieces have been thrifted.

Two of my non-thrifted items I purchased from a gal located

right here, in the small Alberta town where I live.

Helen, of Cavells Designs, is an up and coming fashion designer.

She has created her own clothing line,

but, she also tailors ill-fitting clothing.

Another two of my pieces have been altered by her.

I'm very excited to showcase my original, and altered pieces from this young entrepreneur!

The third non-thrifted item is my pair of handmade, leather sandals

made and purchased in Calgary a few years prior.

Keep in mind,

I'm a super casual gal,

and I don't work outside of my home.

Plus, it's summer,

so, my pieces definitely reflect that!

So, without any further ado,

here are my chosen, 10 pieces for the next 10 days.

10 clothing items for 10 days

1 pair denim capris - thrifted

denim shorts - thrifted

white cut-offs - thrifted and altered by Cavells Designs

cotton shorts - thrifted

green racer-back tank - thrifted

green tank - hand made by Cavells Designs

sleevless white sheer top - mine from more than 10 years ago, altered by Cavells Designs

soft, cotton Tee - thrifted

super soft comfy sweater - handmade by Cavells Designs

leather sandals - hand made and purchased three years prior, in Calgary, Alberta

So, this is what my wardrobe will consist of over the next 10 days.

Obviously, I won't be including under garments or accessories in my challenge.

And, while I'm hoping my sweater will suffice for cooler days,

I may need to add a jacket.

If I do, it will be this one, thrifted and altered by Cavells Designs.

thrifted, altered corduroy jacket

Also, in case of rain, I will probably wear a closed toed shoe, or rain boots,

which I'm also not counting in my challenge.

The purpose of the challenge is to get creative,

not to be restrictive.

If you'd like to stay up-to-date on my outfits for the next 10 days,

be sure to check out my Instagram page, where I'll document my daily outfit.

(Head on over there now, to check out today's choice!


I'll be featuring one of Cavells Designs originals!)

10x10 Challenge

What about you?

How do you feel about your closet?

Do you need to downsize it?

Do you have a million pieces that you never wear, but can't quite seem to part with?

Want to love it?

Wish you could create a sustainable, ethical wardrobe?

Perhaps you'd like to take part in the Summer 10x10 Challenge as well!

Choose you 10 pieces,

mix 'em up,

and post your pics on Instagram.

Include the hashtag #summer10x10 so we can all check out your fashion pieces!


Need a little more inspiration,

or perhaps a few practical tips to get you started?

This is where I came across the idea for my 10x10 Challenge in the first place.

She has some great tips and some fantastic clothing pieces to inspire you.

I covet her closet......

You will, too.

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