Pretty, Minimal Summer Bedroom

"Have nothing in your house,

that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris

Like so many others, I find myself being drawn toward minimalism.

Perhaps not the stark style of minimalism that some seem to prefer,

but, a softer, more subtle version of it.

I desire the absence of clutter,

but, I still want to surround myself with beauty.

Finding the right balance has been slightly challenging.

But, I think I might just about have it figured out;

well.... at least in my bedroom.

And, it all started with a garage sale bedding set.

Actually, I should probably clarify that.

I didn't actually buy this bedding from a garage sale.

But, I could have, and I would have.

You see, my mother-in-law is getting ready to have a garage sale.

I was helping her figure out the pricing for some of the items,

and when she pulled out this duvet coverlet with the shams and bed-skirt,

I offered to buy it right then and there.

She gave it to me. :)

This was an absolutely impromptu decision.

I had no intentions of changing out my bedroom decor for summer.

But, once I saw this set, I was completely smitten!

While I'm not normally drawn to pattern like this;

I tend to lean more toward minimal,

or no pattern,

and usually, in monochromatic color;

I think because the colors are soft,

rather than bold,

it still really suits my personal style.

Plus, my mother-in-law has exquisite taste, so,

that was reason enough for me to fall in love with it!

Anyway, once I switched out the previous bedding set,

I was completely thrilled with the look.

It inspired me to overhaul the whole bedroom.

Or perhaps, "under-haul" would be a more appropriate word.

(You know, if it was actually a word.....)

Because, most of what I did was,

remove things.

I cleared off most of the surface space,

leaving them mostly untouched.

Besides this pretty cloche and bird display that I originally had in my living room,

and the hydrangeas I have on my side table,

the surfaces contain only practical items.

To me, this equates minimalism.

Albeit, as I said earlier, a softer, more subtle version of it.

At the end of the bed, I have my dresser which also doubles as our T.V. stand.

I love the gallery style wall behind it.

I feel it really helps to minimize the stark presence of the T.V.

Again, because I tend toward texture, rather than color,

I kept the wall decor fairly neutral.

I hung whitewashed driftwood that I snagged during a family holiday,

a vintage wire mail basket,

and various other neutral items.

Wall decor does not need to be limited to traditional items.

I like to think outside the box when it comes to my wall spaces.

The large grey tray leaning against the wall gets used every week by my man and I.

It's a very practical, but also, a very pretty item.

We opted to install a vintage sliding door which offers a beautiful,

yet still very practical solution to the space a regular swinging door requires.

I think it might be my favorite piece in my bedroom.

I am also totally thrilled with this vintage frame.

I love the simplicity of it.

The addition of these white wall flowers from Walmart,

contribute texture without taking away from the tranquility of the space.

We've also chosen to forego a headboard.

Instead, we opted for a textured feature wall.

It adds interest and dynamic,

while still keeping a clean, minimal space.

Overall, to me, my bedroom feels very pretty and inviting,

without clutter,

but also, without stark appearances.

I think it's come together as the perfect,

pretty, minimal summer bedroom.

#declutter #minimalism #simplicity

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