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Day 9 - Simplify Challenge - The Pantry

unorganized pantry

This is gross.

My pantry.

Honestly, I can't stand it.

It's ridiculous.

The day I had designated to clean out my pantry in preparation for this challenge,

I din't even really know where to start.

So, I decided I would just start.

I just took a deep breath and pulled everything out.

I cleaned the inside of the cupboards,

and then put back whatever made the cut.

Which in all truthfulness,

was most of it.

There was not much in there that had past the expiry date.

There was some, however.

Not that I even needed to look at the expiry date for some things.

I mean, the marshmallows that had turned to stone?

I just took an educated guess and decided they were old.


I tossed very little out actually.

Some stale trail mix that nobody liked.

Some sunflower seeds that I forgot when I bought.

A partially used box of Jello pudding.


purging pantry items

And some gross energy bars that we bought on sale at Costco that neither of my kids liked but I kept them for like, ever because, I hate wasting food, but they were not getting eaten so in the end I decided it was worth it to throw them away because all they were doing was giving me anxiety when I opened up the pantry and saw them there because it was a CONSTANT REMINDER OF THE WASTE!.

Let me just catch my breath here for a minute......

Best thing I did that day was throw those things in the garbage!

And I'm telling you this because,

if you have something like this in your pantry,

something that not one person in your family likes,

but that you can't bare to throw in the garbage

because it would be wasteful?

I'm giving you permission.

In fact, I'm begging you!

Throw it out!

It's not doing you any good sitting un-eaten in your pantry.

It is not adding to your best life.

It might even be taking away from it.

Throw it in the garbage.

You'll feel better!

I promise!

Anyway, like I said,

I did not actually have a lot of stuff to throw out from my pantry.

But, that doesn't matter.

I cleaned it out,

and organized it,

and therefore simplified my entire pantry.

Challenge completed!

organized pantry
organized pantry


that's it for today girls!

Get your pantry (or if you don't have a pantry, your food cupboards)

cleaned out and organized!

Post your pics!

I really do want to see what you purge!

Especially your version of those crappy energy bars!

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