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Day 8 - Simplify Challenge - The Kitchen Cupboards

Simplify Challenge-Day 8-Kitchen Cabinets

Happy Monday!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend,

even though you were busy simplifying on Saturday!

Did you give yourself a well deserved break yesterday?

I hope so,

because today we are digging through our kitchen cabinets and drawers!

(Except for the junk drawer if you have one in your kitchen,

that's for a different day,


if you keep food stuffs in kitchen cupboards.

Pantry items are being tackled tomorrow!)

You should know.....

I LOVED this challenge!

I really did!

Which is interesting because,

I didn't think I would.

I thought I would hate it.

I though it would be difficult for me to go through and purge my kitchen stuff.

But, it wasn't.

Not even a little bit.

It was actually a challenge to keep some of the things I knew I would probably need at some point.

Things that I use, just not often.

But, then, when the time comes that I need that particular item,

I'd be seriously irked that I got rid of it.

tart press

Like this tart press.

I don't use it often.

Usually just at Christmas.

I considered donating it,

but, in the end kept it.

I like my Christmas tarts you guys.

It would have been dumb to toss it.

The thing is,

it has sort of become fun getting rid of stuff.

Truly, I never thought I'd see the day that I would say that!

But it's the truth!

It feels great!

It feels freeing!

Do you feel like this too?

I really hope so.

The whole point of this Simplify Challenge

is to help you remove the clutter from your life and your home,

so that you can live your best life!

And for me,

this challenge is definitely doing that!

My hope is that it is for you, as well!


the kitchen cupboards!

This is a snapshot of an overview of my kitchen.

(You'll notice some of the cabinets look a little empty?

That's because my dishwasher is full!)

unorganized kitchen


my cabinets are not horrendous.

I don't feel like I have tons of extra stuff to get rid of.

But there is definitely enough, though!

kitchen purge pile

Here is my purge pile.

Actually, my purge pile was even bigger than this.

There were a few things I forgot to add into the picture,

like 6 princess House coffee mugs that are super pretty

but, I never use them.

I admit,

getting rid of those stung a little....


I pulled a lot out!

And it was great!

I feel like my cupboards are so much more simplified now.

I like looking in them!

They feel clean and organized.

Especially my Tupperware drawer.

unorganized Tupperware drawer

That WAS horrendous!

But, not any more.

Now it's all lovely and neat and tidy and clean.

And I like it!

(So does my husband.

He HATED searching for containers and their matching HATED it!)

organized Tupperware drawer

When you go through your Tupperware,

if you don't find matching containers and lids,

toss them.

Do not keep them.

When at some point you need to buy more,

(mine ALWAYS disappear, -teenage kids- need I say more)

purchase sets that are the same brand as what you have already.

Then they will stack together so much neater.

I'm working toward this myself.

It makes a big difference to keeping things simple and organized if they match.

And check out this spice drawer.

spice drawer


Just look at this!

It's totally great, right?

And let me say this.

unorganized utensil drawer

organized utensil drawer

Simplifying my utensil drawer was AWESOME!

Why was I keeping all those plastic forks and knives?

I'm not even sure where they came from.

They just sit there, taking up space.


Anyway, they are gone now,

making my tea-spoons so much easier to grab.

Just a simple thing,

but it makes a big difference.

Don't forget the cupboard over your refrigerator.

It's possible you have stuff up there you haven't seen in years!

(Not me, though..... ;D)

coffee cupboard

I keep my cook books in my kitchen cupboard.

Cookbooks that I haven't used in years.

Years, people.

With access to so many recipes on line,

I just haven't had the need.

So I got rid of the ones I wasn't using.

I did keep any book that had even one recipe that I use.

(Although, I suppose I "could" just tear out the page the recipe was on and keep that.....

But, that just feels so terribly wrong!)

Anyway, my cupboard, my rules!

And the same goes for you!

You kitchen, your rules!

Simplify what you feel you don't need.

Get rid of duplicates.

But, if you have twenty plates that you use at Christmas when your extended family comes over?

Keep them!

I did!

I refuse to serve Christmas dinner on paper plates!

Just not gonna do it!

kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets

If you don't use it ever,

it goes.

If you use it seldom,

and could really do without it,

the choice is yours.

If you don't have room for it though,

consider removing it.

Otherwise, keep the things you use.

Your stuff should contribute to your quality of life.

If it contributes,

you keep it.

If it doesn't,

it goes.

Simple as that!

Take your pics and post them in today's thread on my Barefoot Warrior Facebook page!

And I'll see you tomorrow for the next challenge!

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