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Day 6 (And 7) Simplicity Challenge - Under The Sinks

Simplify Challenge-Day 6

I know.

Under the sinks does not sound inspiring at all.

It might even seem un-important……

You know, to simplify under there?

The cabinet doors are pretty much always closed,

so it’s not like you see under there anyway.

But, like the linen closet(s),

you really do need to go through them.

And I bet you will be super surprised to see how much you might purge!

While I’ve labeled this particular category “Under The Sinks”,

please know that it includes all cleaning supplies, all lotions and all shampoos and conditioners, as well.

So, you'll need to overhaul underneath your sinks,

and wherever else you keep your cleaning supplies and lotions and stuff.

I do apologize (not really……it needs to be done…..) if this adds more work to your list.

So then,

I tackled every sink in my house.

We have six.

And I have to tell you…..

I was floored with the amount of time it took for me to deal with this.

Like, totally floored!

Honestly, I thought this was going to be a fairly quick purge process,

but it took me a couple of hours.

Partly because of the amount of stuff I had under them,

but partly because I just didn’t know what to do with it all.

I suffered some serious anxiety about whether or not I should be getting rid of certain items.

under bathroom sink

Like leather protector.

I mean, how many bottles of leather protector do I really need?

Probably not 7.

(Seriously though, how in heck did I end up with 7 bottles of leather protector???

I’ll tell you why.

Because every time my husband and I buy a pair of leather shoes, or a jacket or a purse,

the sales clerk offered us leather treatment for that particular item.

And, because my under the sink cupboards were such a disaster,

I never knew what was under them........

6 bottles of leather protector....

so, we'd buy another one!


But, I hesitated on getting rid of them.

I just felt like I was throwing money away.

And I HATE throwing money away.

But, after the lengthy deliberation,

I decided that I hated my disastrous under the sink cabinets even more.

So, I got rid of two.

I know.



In my defense though,

I purposed in my heart to treat our leather garments right away.

Which by the way, I did.

I need to do my one purse yet,

and when that is done, one bottle will have been completely used up,

so, that’s good, right?

Anyway, after the leather protector deliberation,

I moved on to the rest of the items,

and it did manage to get a little easier as time progressed.

I went through one sink at a time,

purging and cleaning and organizing.

In each bathroom, I decided to keep only one toilet bowl cleaner and one all-purpose spray cleaner,

along with a cleaning rag, and a special cleaning cloth for the mirror and the granite counter top.

under the bathroom sink
clean under the sink

(I love these special cleaning cloths BTW!

They require no cleaning solutions whatsoever,

Just hot water!

And they polish glass, mirrors and granite beautifully!

Let me know if you want to know what I use and I’ll hook you up!)

I did, however, gather all extra cleaning supplies together in one spot.

purging cleaning supplies
organized under the sink

I filled a plastic basket with these items, cleaners that I don’t use on a weekly basis,

but still use occasionally, like furniture polish, and leather proctor,

and put it under the powder room sink.

So, now, it’s all nice and neat and tidy.

I love it!

I also went through lotions, body scrubs, perfumes, shampoos and conditioners.

(Including sun screens and bug repellent.......not that I use those......but, my man does.....)

I didn’t have much excess there, one perfume bottle that I tossed easily since I don’t wear perfume,

and a shampoo bottle that was almost empty that I put into the shower to be used immediately.

I’ll tell you what I did have excess of though.

Hotel bottles.

A lot of them.

You guys?


Like, look!

Ridiculous collection of Hotel shampoos

Look at this!

This is crazy!

And I have to tell you……

This is my husbands doing.

I’m not even kidding here!

He travels quite a bit for work.

And every time he comes home,

he brings hotel stuff.

Every time.

He even brings K-cups home…..

And girls?

We don’t even have a Keurig!

Anyway, I kept a few bottles and some bar soaps.

Because in all honesty, I don’t buy soaps.

I use the little hotel ones that my husband brings home.

(Thanks, hubby!)

I like them, because they get used up fairly quickly without getting all gummy and gross.

Plus, you know, they are free, so……

Also, my husband takes the little shampoo bottles whenever he goes to pool.

They are perfect for that!

So, I totally get why he brings them home but, honestly,

I don’t think we need this many!

I purged the majority of them.

Anyway, my under the sink cupboards are so much less cluttered,

and way more organized now.

I love it!

organized under the bathroom sink

And girls?

You will too!

One more thing.

You need to take all of your donate items out of the house.


It's Saturday, so you have time, right?

Make time.

You need to do this.

Take them to your local thrift store,

Or wherever you are going to bring them.

Do not keep them in your house or in your car.

Getting them out of your house is a huge part of the simplifying process.



because tomorrow is Sunday,

you get a day off.


even God rested on Sunday!

If you feel like you really want to do something though,

use it to catch up on an area that you are behind in.

Or, you could actually get to those little tasks that you've been ignoring.....

Like hanging the picture you've been meaning to hang for the last two months.

(I just did that......)

Or fixing the broken drawer that won't close properly.

You know, those little things that you keep putting off because they are low on the priority list?

Do those.

Trust me......

those things do make a difference!


If you’re up for it,

Post a pic of your donate pile and post it in today’s thread!

I’d love to see what you accomplished!

"Git 'er done!"

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