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Day 1 Simple Living Challenge-Dresser Drawers

Simplify Challenge - Day 1 - Dresser Drawers

Woo hoo!

It's day 1 of the Simplify Challenge!

You guys?

I'm so glad you've decided to participate with me in this!

These two weeks are going to be the start of a lifestyle change for many of us.

And it is going to be a fantastic change!

A change where we remove the unnecessary clutter from our homes and our lives,

that is keeping us from living in the freedom of simplicity.

Are you ready for it?

I know you are so,

let's get to it!

Today we are going to dig through dresser drawers.

So, you know, no biggie!

unorganized socks and underwear

Let's start with socks and underwear.

All those miss-matched socks in your sock drawer?

Time to get rid of them.

Because seriously, after 6 months (or more in my case.....)

do you actually believe that the matching partner is going to suddenly show up?

They're not people.

I promise.

(I don't actually know what happens to socks that go missing.

It's weird..... It's like they just disappear into thin air......)

So, toss 'em.

If by chance, a week from now, after you've thrown out all the lone socks in your drawer,

and magically, one of the disappearees shows up???

.....the thought of this really bothers me for some reason, but honestly you guys, the off chance of this actually happening is just not worth keeping them, so,

just toss it quick and pretend it never happened.

It'll be ok.

Let's move along....

I'd be willing to bet that you have underwear in your drawers that should really be chucked!

Am I right?

Ladies, let me just tell you right now,

you should not be wearing underwear that belongs in the garbage!

Don't do it!

I mean look.....

I know how easy it is to continue wearing and washing your undies

and tossing them back in your drawer,

and then pulling them out and putting them on again.

It seems that we somehow become blind to state of our underwear.

It's sad really.

It is.

And like I said,

I know how easy it is to mindlessly pull on panties that are....


just wrong.





throw away old used up underwear

So, when you go through your underwear drawer,

look with fresh eyes.

Those panties that you've had for five years?

That are stretched out of shape?

Get rid of them!

Those pretty lacy ones that have the little tear in the side?

Toss 'em!

Anything stained?

Garbage, folks!

There is absolutely no reason for you be wearing ugly, torn, worn, stretched out of shape panties.

If you feel like you are getting rid of the majority of your undies,

and you feel like you don't

have enough to get through a week,


It's ok!

You can purchase more......


I'm not about buying stuff out of compulsion or for fun,

but, we do need to be able buy things we need.

It is ok to throw out used up undies and buy more.

Just buy what you need.

And nothing more.

Same goes for your bras, girls.

They don't last for ever.

They stretch out of shape.

(And, sometimes "the girls" do too!)

They don't fit the same after lots of wear.

And like your panties,

there is no reason for you be wearing ill-fitting bras!


organized socks and underwear

And that bra you bought because it was soooo pretty?

The one you can't stand to wear because you can't stinking breathe in it?

It needs to go.

It does.

Do it quickly if you have to.

Just do it!

Again, you can purchase a new one.

It's good to do that!

I'm giving you permission to throw away your unwanted undergarments,

and to buy new ones.


buy carefully.

Be sure you purchase ones that fit well.

There is nothing worse than new undies that end up sitting in your drawer because they don't fit well.

And girls?

You deserve properly fitted undergarments!

over-stuffed dresser

On to the rest of the drawers!

Pull everything out.....


Toss all of it onto your made bed, (Seriously, make the bed. It'll be easier to deal with your clothes that way...) then pick up one item at a time.

If you love it,

and if you actually wear it,

put it back in the drawer.

If you don't love it,

and don't wear it,

it goes to the discard pile.

Easy, right?

Yeah, well.....

Here's where it gets dicey.

If you love it, but don't wear it,

it still needs to go to the discard pile.

This is a little harder.

I know.

It's hard to get rid of things you love,

or think you love,

or think you should love.

But you guys?

If you're not wearing it,

why are you keeping it?


Just don't do it.

There is absolutely no point in keeping stuff you don't wear,

regardless of weather or not you love it.

It needs to go.

That top that you saw in the mall,

and fell completely in love with it,

and bought it,

and brought it home,

and you have only worn it once,

because now you are like,

"Why did I buy this???",

but, you feel guilty about getting rid of it,

because you paid way too much money for it?

It needs to go.

And that sweater that was given to you as a Christmas gift?

The one that you feigned "I really love it?"

But inside you secretly HATE it?

Get rid of it!

Donated clothing


and that t-shirt that you wear all the time,

but it's filled with holes,

and it's stained,

and totally stretched out of shape?


you know it needs to go!

And look.

Let me just ask you this.

How many pairs of black leggings does one girl really need????

(You know who you are!)


pick your favorites,

(no, they cannot all be your favorites)

and put the rest in your discard pile.

Do it quickly!

Only keep what you love and what you wear.

Throw away anything you know is worn out,

and not worth giving away or selling.

organized dresser drawers

Decide what you will donate and put it in a box or a bag and put it out of sight.

(So you aren't tempted to dig through it!)

If you have items that you plan to sell,

get them up on your local buy and sell right away.

You are trying to remove clutter and simplify, remember?

Don't keep it in your house any longer than necessary.

Moms, I really encourage you go through your kids drawers as well.

I promise,

you will feel really good about getting them cleaned out.

You're probably the one who puts their clothes away,

and this is going to make life much simpler.

And if they put their clothes away?

Then it will make life simpler for them.

It's a win, win, moms.

I even did my husband's drawers as well.

He was happy I did!

And don't forget to snap a before and after pic of your drawers,

and of whatever you're getting rid of.

Be sure to post them in the daily thread on my Barefoot Warrior Facebook page

so I can see and applaud your hard work!

(You can find my Facebook link on the Home page of this blog.)

Alrighty girls!

Get crackin!

And see you tomorrow for our next challenge!

Ready for Day 2?

declutter the closet

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Your most important ministry Beloved, happens within the walls of your home. Homemaking is about so much more than cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry. While it does include those things, homemaking is also about creating a home atmosphere of peace and security. It is about cultivating a place where you and your loved ones can experience grace and forgiveness, and grow in relationship with Jesus.  Holiness & Hygge is really about holy homemaking. Because what better place is there for you and your family to experience and extend, the love of Jesus?

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