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Becoming A Barefoot Warrior

Becoming a Warrior

I am a warrior.

Or, at least, I'm supposed to be a warrior.

At the very least,

I want to be a warrior.

What in heck is a warrior, anyway?

I mean, I have a pretty good idea of what a warrior is.

A warrior is someone who fights in a war.


This is how the Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines it,

(I nailed it! Well, part of it at least.)

Full Definition of warrior

: a man engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly : a person engaged in some struggle or conflict <poverty warriors>

Well then.

I am most definitely not a man engaged or experienced in warfare.


Not even close.


I am engaged in conflict.

So, therefore, I am a warrior?

I don't know......

I don't really feel like a warrior.

I'm not brave.

Like, at all.

I cry all the time.

I've never hear of a cry-baby warrior.

But, still,

Jesus tells me that I am a warrior.

And, I'm pretty sure that Jesus is not a liar.

So then.

I must be a warrior.

I am a barefoot, sweat pant wearing, coffee drinking, 44 year old wife and mom who cries to much,

but, nonetheless,

I am a warrior.

Ephesians 6:10-13

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord, relying on his mighty strength. 11 Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the Devil’s strategies.[j] 12 For our[k] struggle is not against human opponents,[l] but against rulers, authorities, cosmic powers in the darkness around us,[m] and evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realm. 13 For this reason, take up the whole armor of God so that you may be able to take a stand whenever evil comes. And when you have done everything you could, you will be able to stand firm.

I forgot this.

I forgot that, I am in a battle.

My battle is not with this world,

but with the evil forces in the Heavenly realm.

My battle, and yours too,

is against that which threatens all that we hold dear.

Our loved ones.

Our faith.

Our church.

Our country.

In 2014, retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin spoke to military couples at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove.

"Every great man that God used in the Bible was first and foremost a warrior. So, what is a warrior?

Here’s what a warrior is. It’s not the guy who is armed with an AR15 and 30-round magazines. The warrior is someone who says:

'This is what I love. This is what I hold dear. This is my family. This is my country. This is my faith. And this is what threatens it. This is the enemy. You will not hurt what I hold dear. You will not hurt what I love, without coming through me.'

You know who the greatest warriors are in God’s Kingdom? Intercessors. Warriors stand between what they hold dear and what threatens it."


All of you husbands and wives,

All of you mothers and fathers,

Grandmothers and grandfathers,

brothers and sisters,

You need to know.....

We are in a war.

We do have an enemy.

And he is evil.

satan (I refuse to capitalize that name) is out to steal, kill and destroy our families.

Our sons.

Our daughters.

He is cunning, and wry, and sneaky.

He is a smooth talker.

He seeks to lure away our children from the Truth,

with sick, twisted versions of it.

He is out for blood.

And, he is out for keeps.

I could be fearful.

Right now, I could be very fearful.

Because, satan is good at what he does.

He is powerful.

So very powerful.

And he knows where to strike his deadly blow.


"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Tim 1.7)

And, I know this!

satan cannot stand against the spiritual authority of Jesus Christ!

Which means,

he cannot stand against you, or against me,

if we are in Christ.

For, when we are in Christ, we are partakers with Christ.

Hebrews 3:14, The New Living Translation states,

For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.

Providing that we are faithful to the end, we share His authority over darkness.....

His authority over satan......

who seeks to destroy your family.....

and mine.

Luke 10:17-20

17 When the seventy disciples returned, they joyfully reported to him, “Even the demons obey us when we use your name.”

18 “Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan falling from heaven as a flash of lightning! 19 And I have given you authority over all the power of the Enemy, and to walk among serpents and scorpions and to crush them. Nothing shall injure you! 20 However, the important thing is not that demons obey you, but that your names are registered as citizens of heaven.”

Because I am in Christ,

He gave me, as His daughter, authority over all the power of the enemy.

He gave you that power, too.

I know that seems crazy.

It is crazy!

Imagine, you and me, with spiritual authority over satan!

But, it's true!

God says so!

You are a warrior!

I don't care if you don't feel like a warrior.

I don't feel like a warrior.

But, in Christ, we are!

You and I have been given all authority over darkness!

A friend of mine asked me what my favorite song was the other day.

I told her I wouldn't be able to pick one.

But then, life got messy, scary actually, as it so often does,

and my husband and I went to the Lord in prayer.

And during that prayer, He reminded me of these words from this,

my favorite, song.

We stand here in your presence Lifting up the name of Jesus A strong tower meant to save us And now nothing will defeat us We are boldly interceding For our children lost and bleeding We'll see slavery bow to freedom And the sick restored to healing So we fight for those who’ve fallen And we take back what's been stolen From our family shamed and broken Hope will rise and hearts will open We'll see joy defeat depression Liberation from addiction For when we are at our weakest Then Your power is completed!

O church.

Know this!

satan is going down.

He is!

But, he is going down fighting.

He is not to be trifled with.

He is not to be taken for-granted.

But, he CANNOT stand against those who are in Christ!

He CANNOT stand against His warriors.

In Christ,

through bold intercession,

we will take back that which satan has stolen.

Hope will rise.

Hearts will open.

In our weakness, Christ's power will be completed.

For our sons.

For our daughters.

For our marriages.

For our faith.

For our church.

For our country.

I am a warrior.

A barefoot warrior.

I will fight for that which I hold dear.

For that which I love.

Fight with me, won't you?

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